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Public Works is an act of rediscovering magic lost. Stemming from our collective nostalgia for the old world, and the wonder of uncovering secrets, obscurities and oddities, Public Works is presented as a retail focused co-creation between artists and writers.

The substance of Public Works’ inspiration is South Asian, predominantly Sri Lankan, pop cultures, subcultures, history, geography, etymology, literature and mythos. Public Works retraces arts, craft and folklore in a fresh mindset that resonates with the here-now. It plays at the boundaries of publishing, pushing it beyond books to publicise all forms of lifestyle consumables from prints, fashion, grooming and wellbeing products, edibles, fragrances, music, films and spaces.

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Average rating: 5.0

5.0 average from 3 reviews

Rating: 5
Surandi Fernando
10 months ago
Rating: 5
FMLK (Requested by Tehani Perera)
4 months ago
Rating: 5
Amreeya Mowlana
4 months ago