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Who are we?
Onitak is a London based IT services specialist that provides professional IT Services and solutions across UK and Europe.

What is our Aim?
Our aim is to ensure that excellent customer service AND excellent technical knowledge are combined together each and every time our technicians work with our customers. We don’t want to simply fix problems; we want to provide our customers with a complete IT solution that gives you confidence in your technology and your ability to makes the most of it.

Why are we different?
Two of the biggest issues that customers have always faced when working with an IT services provider are a lack of customer service and poor communication.

Onitak aims to ensure that whenever a customer seeks out a technician to help them with an issue, the technician is able to communicate in clear and concise English to ensure that the customer knows exactly what we are doing. And Onitak Techs are friendly about it too!

We know that the better we communicate with our customers, the happier they are with our service. And our customers love us for it.

When we provide our customers with advice, they know we are giving them the best advice possible without having an opinion compromised by generating a sale. We’re not concerned with making a sale; we’re concerned with making our customers happy.