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With the ever growing use of technology, the role that videos play in people’s daily lives is also increasing. Training videos, weddings, educational tutorials, promotions, comical YouTube shorts—you name it! You can find a video for anything.

At some point, you might need someone to make a video for you, whether it is for your business or a family event. But how do you find a videographer? Well, I’ll give you some ideas of where to look and how to find the best videographer for the type of production you have in mind.

Finding Videographers

First of all, we highly recommend using ZipBook Pros (of course) to search for a videographer near you. If you type in the kind of videographer you are looking for and your area code into the search engine, videographers near you will come up. These professionals will have ratings and reviews from real customers that you can rely on to find the right videographer for you!

Here are some additional sites that you can use to find freelance videographers:

Videopixie: Videopixie is a site for finding people for video production, including directors, video editors, animators, and videographers. How the site works is you create a free account, set up a project (which takes about five minutes), and then video professionals bid on your project. Next you choose a professional based on portfolio and cost.

  • Pros: Videopixie is great because it is specific to video production, and you don’t have to waste your time filtering through other types of freelance work. The website is easy to navigate and it gives clear steps for finding someone for your specific project.
  • Cons: Videopixie is still a fairly new and small marketplace, which can either be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Some people might like that they have less bids to go through, but other people might prefer to have a wider selection.

ProductionHUB: ProudctionHUB is another online network for posting or finding video production work. Those looking to hire can search by profiles, type of video work, zip code, or alphabetical order. They can also post a request for production services or list a job posting.

  • Pros: ProductionHUB is an extensive network with more than 150,000 professionals. There are lots of options to choose from based on the area you live. For sure you’ll find someone for your project.
  • Cons: The website is not very well-organized, and it can be a little overwhelming at first, especially for narrowing your searches. For instance, when you click on the link to browse profiles, there is a very long list of types of work to choose from.

MeetAVideographer: This site is purely for videographers to find freelance work or for you to find a videographer. You can find a videographer either through searching by location or posting a job. MeetAVideographer is a part of a larger company, CareGuide, which provides a variety of caregiver services in the US and Canada.

  • Pros: Even though there are great sites for finding a variety of video production types of work, this site narrows you searches even more so by only providing videography work. When you search by area code, you can also specify the travel time you want the videographer to be within.
  • Cons: You can connect with potential hires through instant messaging or phone calls, which some people might find to be very convenient. Though MeetAVideographer has a protection system for communication, some people still might not feel comfortable with putting out their phone number on the internet.

Video Types

It’s important to recognize that the type of video you want created will play a huge role in selecting a videographer. There is an overwhelming amount of types of videos out there. Say you want someone to film a brief snippet for your business’s social media pages. What type of videographer should you look for to make the clip? Here are the four, main, overarching types of videos that include more specific types of videos.

1. Promotional: The purpose of promotional videos is to publicize services, products, or events. These videos have a target audience in mind and they include a “call to action,” inviting the viewer to share or use the services.

The social media snippet mentioned above would fit under this category. Here is a list of some other types of promotional videos:

  • Testimonials
  • Talking heads
  • Giveaways
  • Product unboxing
  • Event promotions
  • Travel videos
  • 2. Educational: Educational videos, well, educate! They are used to teach concepts and provide examples in visual and auditory ways. Many people are visual learners, so using educational videos can catch many learners’ attention, more so than reading information off a page.

    People use educational videos for school settings, business training, online courses, or motivational lecture series.

    3. Informational: Some videos’ purposes are simply to inform. They are there to present things as they are, without offering much additional input. These types of videos are typically concise and give you information as quickly and clearly as possible.

    Types of informational videos include newscasts, question and answer interviews, and public service announcements.

    4. Entertainment: Our society currently thrives on entertainment videos. I mean, come on. What would we do without Netflix or YouTube? The entertainment category covers a wide range of videos. Any video type that is used for leisure fits into this area, including movies, music videos, TV dramas, or comedy sketches.

    Some videos might be able to crossover into multiple categories. For instance, a documentary might be used to educate families about penguins, but it might also be shown in theaters and be used as a form of entertainment.

    Even though some videos can fit into various video types, hopefully these four points give you a basic idea for how to specify your searches to find a videographer for your project type.


    To be honest, it is hard to specify how much you will pay to hire a videographer. Price ranges can vary depending on what type of videography work you are looking for. For example, a basic package for a wedding videographer can be anywhere between $400 and $900, and a luxury package might be between $3,500 and $6,000.

    On the other hand, a explainer marketing video can cost $1,200 for a basic video or $50,000 for a premium video. Some factors that can determine the price include video length, video style, the videographer’s experience, and the work that goes into post-production.

    So when you are considering how much money you are going to have to put down, make sure you first know what type of videography work you need. Then determine the additional details of what your expectations are for the video since there are so many different attributes that can determine the price.

    Skilled Videographers

    There are lots of characteristics to consider when making a video—lighting, sound, location, editing, effects—the list goes on. So when you are searching for a videographer, how do you know if the videographer has mastered all of these elements? Well, let’s find out.


    Of course having good equipment doesn’t mean that someone is necessarily a good videographer. However, the more up-to-date a videographer’s camera or equipment is, the more likely the quality of the video will be better. If videographers have higher-end equipment, they are probably more experienced and dedicated, given that they have the means to purchase quality equipment.

    But not only is it important for videographers to have one, good piece of equipment, they also need to have a strong knowledge of all types of video equipment, including cameras, editing software, and lighting rings. Some videographers might have a team that works together using the various forms of technology to create the final project. Nonetheless, the videographer should be familiar with all of these elements to direct the team.

    And depending on the type of video, the videographer might need to use different types of equipment. If the videographer is well-rounded with technology, then he or she will know what to use to produce the best video for you.


    Whether filming indoors or outdoors, good videographers will know how to use light to their advantage. They will note the different angles of light, if they should use natural or artificial light, and how lighting will affect the mood or tone of the video.

    For example, say you you are writing a script for an advertisement that has a halloween and horror concept. The videographer will know how to capture shadows to create the eerie effect. But if you need someone to film your wedding, the videographer should use light in a way that makes people or the wedding setting stand out in a bright, happy way.

    Good videographers are also aware of how, if not careful, light can be a negative factor. If there is too much light, people can look washed out, and if there is not enough, then the shots can be hard to see.

    When you are looking for videographers, make sure that they provide sample videos of their work. That way you can get a sense of how they work with lighting in different types of videos.


    Think about when you are watching a movie with your friends or family, and then suddenly someone’s phone rings. You then have to pause the movie and stare at the frozen screen for five minutes until the person gets off the phone. You look at the people, the colors, the costumes, the background, and everything else that is going on in the frame.

    For videographers, it is important that they are aware of everything that they catch on film and how they do it. Just like with movies, people pay attention to all kinds of details in videos. And how everything is composed is a key indicator of whether a video is good or bad.

    Here are some aspects of composition that videographers need to consider and for you to be aware of when you view a videographer’s work:

    • Rule of Thirds: You should be able to divide a frame into three by three sections. The subject typically should fall into place along a line and where the lines intersect. This basic tactic provides a guide map for viewers so that they know where to look and what the most important part of the frame is.
    • Headroom: Don’t you hate it when you ask someone to take your picture but they zoom way too far in on your face and don’t include much of the background? The distance between the top of someone’s head and the top of the frame is called headroom. You don’t want either too much or too little headroom.
    • Lead Space: Lead space is the amount of space that appears before the subject. You will want more lead space in the direction that the subject is looking or moving toward to show that there is something there.
    • Background: Typically in movies everything is carefully placed and has a purpose. So when you are looking at that frozen frame on your TV, you might notice how the blue vase in the background matches the main character’s dress. Likewise, videographers should make sure that the things in the background add meaning to the frame and are not distracting. For instance, say someone is filming an interview about a serious topic at a park, but then there is a child running around and screaming in the background. This could be very distracting and ruin the serious mood that the videographer is trying to set. Along with moving items or moving to a different location, depth of field is another tactic for removing background distractions, in which the background is blurred and there is greater focus on the subject.


    The things that you see in a video aren’t the only important things. What you hear matters too. So when you are watching videographers’ sample work, make sure to turn the sound on, even if it is only music for a montage clip.

    With sound, it is important that the videographer has a good balance between the different noises. Dialogue needs to be loud enough so that even your grandmother with poor hearing can hear what people are saying. They also need to be careful of what background noise they pick up. I’m sure you don’t want to listen to blaring car horns in New York City competing with a news reporter’s voice.

    Once again, good technology comes into play here. A videographer needs good sound equipment to create clear audio, good sound mixing, and precise sound editing.


    A video isn’t going to be perfect right after filming is completed. It will need to be edited afterward to filter out all the quirks and mistakes. But besides that, there needs to be smooth transitions, an order of events, and a story.

    When you are watching videographers’ clips, note where one shot jumps to the next. Did the transition feel natural? Did the following scene make sense for the sequential order according to the type of video? Do the edits help to tell the video’s story, whether it is a corporate or entertainment video?

    Different types of editing can also help to create a certain mood. So before you watch too much of a video, determine what type of video it is and what type of feeling you are supposed to get from watching it. Then analyze whether or not the editing helps to create that mood. For example, an emergency preparedness video that shows a scene of a dangerous situation might have fast edits in which one shot jumps quickly to the next. This type of edit will create a sense of panic and action.

    Soft Skills

    Along with having good skills for creating videos, a videographer that you’ll want to work with also needs to have good soft skills. Depending on the type of shoot, you could be working with a videographer for multiple hours, weeks, or months. So you’ll want to make sure that the videographer will be enjoyable to work with.


    Isn’t it more fun to be around someone who loves what they are doing? Maybe you don’t care about the subject as much as the other person does, but because they are so passionate makes you appreciate that thing a little more.

    When videographers are excited about their work, then you will be excited to work with them on the video. It will also be easier for you trust them because you know that they care about their work.

    Willingness to Learn

    If videographers are passionate about their work, then they will also be open to learning. Since they love making videos they will always want to find ways to become better. Maybe you are viewing a videographer’s portfolio and some of her work is just ok. But then you view some of her latest work, which is excellent! This contrast is a good indication that she is willing to learn, work hard, and will be pleasant to work with.


    I don’t mean this in the sense that they can do the splits, but that they are willing to go with the flow. During the filming process, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Perhaps the shoot was planned to be outdoors, but then it starts raining. The videographer will have to change plans and be able to work with the situation without getting stressed. He might choose to postpone the shoot until it stops raining or do his best to work with the current weather.

    Even though the videographer is the one behind the camera, you are the one that has the final say in things. This video is yours, and it should be made how you want it to be. Maybe you tell the videographer that for sure you want a shot of the Eiffel Tower during the day even though she thinks it would be better during the morning. If the videographer is flexible, then she will give you the shot that you want and make it look good.

    Strong Communicator

    There are a lot of things that go on during a filming shoot—the placement of people and props, costume changes, multiple takes, etc. In big filming settings, there are lots of people that help organize and coordinate everything that goes on. But say you just have one person filming your wedding. This videographer will be good at capturing candid moments, but he might also want to take a certain shot of all the bridesmaids hugging the bride. Especially during a busy event like a wedding, he will have to communicate well to get people together and give them clear instructions of what he wants them to do for the shot.

    But even before the actual filming begins, you can determine if the videographers are good at communicating or not. Did they promptly respond to your emails? Did they verify the details of the shoot with you? Were they clear on what the cost for the shoot will be?

    Before you select a videographer, be sure that he or she can communicate well. This factor plays a big factor into how your experience making the video will be.

    When you begin your hunt for a videographer, keep in mind the different search options, what type of video you need, the varying prices, and the technical and soft skills of a good videographer. After you follow these steps, your video production will soon be underway and in the hands of a skilled videographer!

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