N. Dragland Somatics

Average rating: 5.0 10 reviews

Physical Therapy

N. Dragland Somatics offers Somatic Education and Clinical Somatic Therapy in Vancouver BC.

Reviews of N. Dragland Somatics

Average rating: 5.0

5.0 average from 10 reviews

Rating: 5
Lesley Fireweed
2 months ago
It's like a reset that puts a smile on my face and I finally can breathe properly.
Rating: 5
Wendy Galvin
3 months ago
Thanks look forward to our next session I can’t believe I never paid you.
Rating: 5
Mischa Harris
8 months ago
Wonderful first session of Clinical Somatics - the change in my body was very evident!
Rating: 5
Houston Krohman
1 year ago
Natalie is a wonderful practitioner and Somatic therapy has greatly improved my mobility and quality of life
Rating: 5
Vanessa Savage
7 days ago
Rating: 5
Andrew McCann
13 days ago
Rating: 5
pamela wise
6 months ago
Rating: 5
Aprile Lyon
7 months ago
Rating: 5
Tracy Vibert
11 months ago
Rating: 5
1 year ago