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Harf Promotions (شركة الحرف للإعلانات محدودة المسؤولية) is an Iraqi registered company as an advertising and development firm based in Baghdad, Iraq. We simply have big hopes of transforming Iraqi vision in terms of marketing and promotion into unparalleled space. We are humbly dedicated to the works that could speak up for us.

Harf roots go back into 1992, we are growing our business and integrating in the Iraqi market for every & each year since then. Our rebirth is but a success story that would make us even prouder to share and pass on some of those tales we went through to our amazing clients.

We are an authentically tangible team of creative talents who believe in green development and adaptive learning. We help each other, we work to support and build the team that is always trusted by all partners, customers and clients alike.

We are Harf Promotions.