Professional Services

We know how complicated and time-consuming it can be to start and run your own business. You are the go-to person for everything! You keep inventory and orders current, prepare customer invoices, and make sure customers are happy. On top of everything, you have to worry about your own bookkeeping.

If you need to lower your stress by letting someone else shoulder some of the load, ZipBooks can help! You focus on keeping your business running smoothly, and we’ll take on some of the general bookkeeping duties that tend to take up a lot of your time.

General Bookkeeping

When you sign up to get help with your general bookkeeping, your dedicated ZipBooks account specialist will keep your books organized and accurate, reconcile your bank and credit card accounts, and keep your financial reports ready to view when you need them.

Tax Prep

And we know how hectic tax season can be! Your ZipBooks expert will spend the whole year preparing, to make sure that everything is in order by the time taxes need to be done. We’ll prepare and submit them for you before you even have time stress about them!



If you have employees and you’d like someone to take over payroll for you, ZipBooks can do that! We’ll make sure employees’ hours are recorded and allocated to the correct tasks and projects, as well as making sure that your employees get paid correctly and on time.  We’ll take care of figuring any payroll taxes that apply, and make sure payments are sent off in a timely manner to cut down on late penalties.


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