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What are tags?

ZipBooks uses a method called Tagging to help you keep track of transactions by grouping them by any number of variables. Tags are automatically created in your account for things like customers, vendors, invoices, and team members. You can create custom tags for anything else you need to gain insight into.

Common tag types include:

  • Retail locations
  • Sales channels
  • Product lines or types
  • Geographic divisions
  • Individual teams

After you tag your transactions, you can create reports based on those tags.

Let’s look at an example of when you might use tagging to help you keep track of certain areas of your business.

You have a photography business called Capture It. You take photos for magazine and newspaper features, but you also do individual and family portraits for a select number of clients every year. You’ve recently considered dropping the portrait part of your business all together.

Since you use ZipBooks, you’ve been able to tag your transactions by type of photo– Portrait Photography, Magazine Photography, and Newspaper Photography. You pull up separate income statements for each type of photo that lists income earned and money spent. You find that your portraits are actually making you more profit than either the magazine or newspaper photos, due to the expenses you incur while taking photos for the publications. As a result, you decide to spend more of your time on portrait photography than on the other two.

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