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How do I set up Keywords and Rankings?

Adding keywords to the Rankings section in ZipBooks allows you to quickly see how your website ranks in local Google searches.

Once you enter keyword searches that are relevant to your business, ZipBooks will track those keywords on Google and show you where your website currently ranks—whether you are the first or forty-seventh.  Add all the keywords you’d like to track in order to monitor your ranking on Google’s search results, including Google, Google Maps, and Google mobile.

To add keywords:

  1. From the ZipBooks Growth menu, click “Rankings”
  2. Click on “Add keywords”
  3. Add keywords one of two ways:
    1. Manually add keywords by typing in the “Keyword” box
    2. Automatically “Add keywords based on business types” by selecting one of three common search variations provided by ZipBooks
  4. Select “Add more” to list more relevant keywords
  5. Make sure the “URL to search for” accurately links to your business
  6. Consider adding your “Postal code” to emulate a true local search
  7. Click “Save”

That’s it! ZipBooks will begin tracking where your URL ranks, giving you a better understanding of how visible your business is online.

zipbooks keywords and rankings

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