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How do I manage my business listings?

ZipBooks creates and updates business listings for you across 60+ sites such as Foursquare, Yellow Pages and Angie’s List.  Maintaining current and accurate listings helps you to be more visible to your customers and rank higher in Google searches.

Listings typically depend on a searchable physical location—not just a P.O. Box.  You can create and edit your locations in your ZipBooks dashboard or under the “Listings” page.  When you update your location through ZipBooks, we automatically update your listing locations for you, saving you the hassle of editing each listing site.

To review your listings:

  1. From the ZipBooks Growth menu, click “Listings”
  2. Find the listing site you’d like to sync
  3. Save any changes

Some listings may take a few days to sync or update. Others may require website approval which takes a little longer.  You can monitor the status of all of your listings on this page, so you don’t have to check each individual site separately.  

If there is any information you want to change on your listing, just let us know and we’ll automate the process for you.  

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