Does ZipBooks Work in the UK?

Posted 3 years ago in Support
by Chris Froelich

There are some features that work if you’re located in the United Kingdom, but not all are available at this point. You can’t integrate your bank account to import you expenses, but you can manually add expenses to your account.

You can also change your default currency from the US Dollar to the British Pound. That way, all your financial information in ZipBooks will automatically be converted to the British Pound. Your customers can also pay by credit card using our credit card provider, Stripe. Stripe is a leading global payment processor and helps you get paid faster.

Time tracking in the UK

Another great feature you can use is our Time Tracker. Track your time from anywhere, whether it’ your browser or your mobile device. Once you’’re done, you can send out an invoice in seconds.

You can personalize your invoice by adding a logo as well as default terms and conditions. Add as many team members as you’d like and keep track of all your projects. ZipBooks is a great free option for anyone needing a powerful bookkeeping tool to solve their accounting needs.

Financial reports

Another great feature is our Reports section. In this section, you can view your income statement and expense report. This helps you keep track of all your total expenses so you can easily see the progress of your business.

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