How to Write the Perfect Marketing Email

Posted 2 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Jenny Rollins

We’re past the age of sending out catalogs and coupons to promote a business. It’s a digital age filled with discerning consumers of a digital world. So, how can you write the perfect marketing email for your business?

Connecting with customers over social media can be difficult if you’re a small, up-and-coming business that doesn’t have the resources to stay engaged in the online conversation around your brand.

At ZipBooks, we’d argue that even with all the advancements in new marketing channels, email remains one of the best ways to personally connect with your customers. So, how do you go about writing that perfect marketing email?

Here are some things to think about.

Subject lines should stand out

Subject lines are the gatekeepers to your email. Without getting too wacky, it’s important to standout in the crowd. There’s a lot of competition for your audience’s attention so make sure you have a 7–15 word elevator pitch that leaves them wanting more.

Keep it short

You worked so hard to get an email click. Don’t throw it all away by droning on in your email. The first thing most people do when they get a long marketing email is delete it. Customers are more likely to read marketing emails that are short, nice to look at, and applicable to them.

Use short, catchy phrases to draw attention to the most important parts of the email so the customer can skim it and still understand the majority of what it says.

Pick a quality email marketing service

Paying a little extra for a good email marketing service can definitely be worth it if it means that you “hit the inbox.” A good deliverability rate draws in more business and more customers. Email is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools when you’re able to provide a compelling answer for an audience that has questions. A quality service spend less time trying to put together a nice looking template, and more time fine-tuning the copy.

Quality services give you more options when it comes to layout and design. The better something looks, the more interested a reader will be. Here are the top 7 marketing email services of 2017 based on our own review of marketing email services.

Invite them to make a commitment

Before you start writing an email for your business, consider what you want the customer to do because of your email. Do you want them to subscribe to a newsletter? Or do you want them to check out a product update? Do you want to let them know about a marketing campaign?

Think about what action you want them to take and build your email off of that. Action buttons at the end of the email (like “Sign up now” with a link to the sign-up page) can help simplify the action for the customer.

Provide useful content

So, emails have the potential to connect your clients to many different aspects of your business. Use a lot of links to make sure they can find what it is you’re promoting, and can clearly navigate to any other relevant sites. But don’t put in so many links that it becomes annoying to scroll through. That could distract from the main purpose of your email.

Create a common thread that binds

Emails on their own might not be enough to convince customers. People tend to buy a product after they’ve been exposed to advertisements several times, so try to reach your customers through different channels. Run a consistent, connected marketing campaign using email and all of your social media avenues. Try to create a similar feel and voice across all the different forms of marketing to maintain your brand identity.

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Jenny is a content writer for ZipBooks and a graduate student at Brigham Young University.

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