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  • Management vs Leadership: 3 Key Differences

    Posted 3 months ago in Random readsWomen at workSmall Business Tips
    by Rachel Cottam

    “The Office” is a hilarious TV show because it’s so painfully accurate.   We’ve all worked for a manager we didn’t like—whether they were good at their job or not—because they weren’t a good leader. For an organization to thrive, you need more than a task-master.  You need someone who cares about individuals, leads by […]

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  • 5 Business Tips I Learned from Starting My Law Practice

    Posted 2 years ago in Women at work
    by Rebekah Wightman

    When I started my solo law practice at the beginning of 2015, I knew it would be hard—everyone tells you it’s going to be hard. I took a whole class my last year of law school that could have been named “Solo Practice Is Hard.” Heck, I’d seen my Dad start a solo practice, not […]

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  • Managing Business Finances as a New Freelance Writer

    Posted 2 years ago in Women at work
    by Emily Bell

    Not too long ago, I quit my full-time marketing job to venture into the uncharted waters of freelance writing. In many ways, it’s my dream job. I love being able to focus completely on writing, and to set my own schedule. However, it comes with a big downside: doing my own bookkeeping. When I started […]

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  • The Bookkeeping Side of Freelancing: What Works and What Doesn’t

    Posted 2 years ago in Women at work
    by Jennifer Ringger

    Freelancing can seem like the dream job. And for the most part, it is. You get freedom to choose when and how you work, what you’ll work on, and who you’ll work for. The only rules are the ones you make. Pretty dreamy, right? But there’s a dark side to freelancing too. As a creative […]

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  • Women-Owned Business Report 2015

    Posted 3 years ago in Women at work
    by Brad Hanks

    In order to better understand the needs of new businesses, we analyzed the data coming out of the US Census Bureaus latest SBO report. Here is what we found.     Download the PDF.

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