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  • 1099-MISC tax form DIY guide

    Posted 1 year ago in Small business guide
    by Karin Hernandez

    What is a 1099-MISC form? What kind of income is reported on a 1099-MISC form? Who Files the 1099-MISC Form? Who Gets a 1099-MISC? Is There a Minimum Threshold Dollar Figure? How Do You File the 1099-MISC? How and When Do You Issue the 1099-MISC?   What is a 1099-MISC form? You may have heard […]

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  • 1099 Form: Complete Guide for Businesses & Contractors

    Posted 2 years ago in Small business guide
    by Meg Sproul

    Hi! I’m Meg, and I’m self-employed. Confession time: I recently did something pretty awful. I read everything I could find about the 1099 form on the IRS website. I kind of had to because, for me, tax time is a bit trickier than just submitting my standard W-2 forms. To avoid being penalized, I have […]

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  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): A Complete Guide

    Posted 2 years ago in Small business guideSmall Business Tips
    by Karin Hernandez

    There are certain legal terms—like LLC—that get thrown around so often that you might feel like you already know it all. Or maybe you are embarrassed to admit that you don’t know it all already. Whatever the case may be, ZipBooks has got you covered with a comprehensive review of what an LLC is and […]

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